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Modern Universal React dev with Next.js

Remy Sharp
8 November 2017
09:00 — 17:00

What you'll learn on the day

  • Up and running: application architecture

    Create your first fully SSR Next.js application. Compose layouts and head elements.
  • Extending: custom routing, parameters

    Clean and custom URLs, mapping params, environment variables, and more.
  • Connecting: Database backed pages

    Going beyond the code: dynamic data and securing pages.
  • Testing, building & deploying

    Tests & fixtures with Jest, gotchas, and deploy strategies.

Detailed description

Next.js is a framework for building React applications with automatic server side rendering support, which results in improved performance over "vanilla" React. The framework also offers zero configuration, automatic code splitting and prefech out of the box.

You will be expected to be comfortable with JavaScript, and be familiar with, or at least comfortable with the JSX concepts (putting XML inside your JavaScript). We'll also be using Node 8 as we'll make use of async/await.


  • How to create and configure next Next based projects
  • Experience with latest JavaScript features, including async/await
  • Exposure to some gotchas
  • How to handle special cases around server/client side only and using environment variables
  • Custom routing and parameter handling

A Special Thanks

This year, the following companies and individuals helped the scholarship by purchasing a diversity ticket which helped others attend where typically they may not been able to. So we would like to extend a special thanks, in no particular order, to: